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26 Sep, 2020 | Developing Character

Take Responsibility

I recently went to a training session of my friends team. It was the last training session of the season, and upon reflection on the season, one of the players said he was unhappy about the effort put in by the team at training sessions. It’s a good feeling to have because it shows a desire to want things to be better. But there was never any responsibility taken by the player that he was apart of that team and that his efforts were having an impact on the team.

As a player, I was often guilty of having this mindset of expecting the coach to be the one that set the intensity of the training session and to absolve myself of responsibility and put it all on the coaching staff. A great leader will take responsibility for the intensity of the training session. They will discuss with the coach and the other players strategies to create solutions to this problem.

Become a Leader

A leader has to be able to lead by example. How will anyone gain your respect, follow your words or listen to you if you aren’t leading through your actions. They will point at your actions and point out that you’re being hypocritical. That you’re asking of them more then what you’re asking of yourself. Our mindset should be about developing the skills of a leader first before we even start to think about leading those around us.

Inspire your teammates

I can always remember during games when a player would make a big tackle, chase down an opposing player or any action where they put their body on the line for the team, the impact that it would have on me and the other players in the team. It would push me to search myself for more and it would have the effect of lifting my performance. We should always remember the impact that we can have on our teammates.

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