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2 Nov, 2020 | Developing Character

Picking the right club

If you’re serious about your football, your choice of club should be based off of football principles. As a youngster i had many opportunities to play for better clubs then I was playing for. It was fear and wanting to stay in my comfort zone that stopped me from taking up these opportunities. If the end goal is making the most of your football career, you need to be making decisions which are always centred on this. if the goal is to have fun, then go ahead and choose a team because your friends will be in it. If the goal is playing a high level of football, choose a team where you will grow the most.

Choose growth

Picking a team where you will grow the most has to be at the heart of your decision. Because of this there are many things to factor in. Which club will have the best soccer coaching staff? What will my role in the team be? Do I need a new challenge? A lot of the time we will choose to be in a team where we are guaranteed to be a starter. We will choose a team which we think will have the best chance of winning the title. There are times for this. But there are also times for change. At these times when growth is the primary objective, a healthy change of perspective comes about and we can make these hard decisions. We are willing to fight for our position in a team. We are willing to prove ourselves in a new environment. Choose the environment where you will grow most as a person and as a player.

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