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7 Oct, 2020 | Developing Character

Nature vs Nurture

There are millions of kids out they’re aspiring to become a professional football player. What is it that will be able to set you apart from the rest? How come only a select few will be able to make it ? Yes we all know that talent will always play a role. But So will your natural physique, height and stature. Howevere these things we can’t change and so no amount of energy should be wasted lamenting this. But football is made up of skills which can be acquired and worked on. Muscle can be grown, strength can be built, power can be improved and technique can be increased, just to name a few.

Discipline is a skillset

So how are we able to make sure that we go out and do everything that we can to work on our skillset. Because we have all experienced a time where we didn’t follow up our plans with actions because we made excuses for ourselves in order to take an easier option which didn’t involve us getting out of our comfort zone. Discipline is all about being able to follow through with what your original intentions were. If we have discipline then we won’t be missing out on training. We all know that there are going to be times where we don’t feel like training. Its here where we need to have created a strong sense of discipline so we can do these things even though we don’t want to.

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