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Diego Maradona

5 Dec, 2020 | Developing Character

Learning from Diego

A week after the passing of one of the greatest ever footballers to grace the game, Diego Maradona, I was contemplating what I could write about him which may help a young footballer coming through. Having certain successes which no one has ever achieved since, there is a lot we can learn from Maradona’s story. But I want to focus on one point about Maradona and that was his desire to create something unique. When coming up and touted as the next Pele by the media, Maradona responded by saying that he didn’t want to be the next Pele, but just wanted to create his own legacy.

Create your own legacy

Maradona was able to create his own legacy, and was able to do things at club and international level that no one has ever replicated since. Sometimes we can focus too much on trying to emulate the successes of those around us. But I think one of the things about some of the great players that have played the game, is that they were able to achieve that which no one has done prior. Sometimes their vision of what they wanted to achieve hadn’t even been done before and so they were able to show that it could be done. So how do you envision your football career panning out? Don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done however hard or difficult it may seem.

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