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25 Aug, 2020 | Strength and Conditioning

What Makes Up A Footballer?

A games lasts for 90 minutes yet a player will only touch the ball for around 3 minutes in a game. This statistic puts a lot into perspective on whats really involved in being a footballer. One of the biggest things it reveals is that there’s a lot more to a footballer then what he does when the ball is at his feet.

You need to have the aerobic capacity to be able to run around for 90 minutes. Your muscles need to be strong enough to produce explosive movements throughout this. They also need to be flexible enough to extend themselves to their end range of motion repetitively. This is only hitting the surface of everything that is physically required for a footballer in 90 minutes.

Become Better Then The Competition!

It’s not only that you have to be physically capable of doing all this for 90 minutes. You have to be able to do it better then your opponent. If your opponent has the edge on you physically then you’re often in for a difficult match.

If the player you’re marking has a greater aerobic capacity then you, as the game goes on they’ll be less fatigued then you and will be able to outrun you. If they’re more agile then you and quicker off the mark then you’ll find that more often then not you’ll be second to the ball. If they’re stronger then you then they’ll get the better of you in 50-50’s, set pieces and when protecting the ball from you.

Footballer Specific Fitness

Not only this but under fatigue your level of skill drops significantly. Just remember that time you had to take a shot at goal after dribbling around a few players. Or the occasion where you had to make a perfectly timed tackle after chasing a striker down. When the body tires, the mind follows it and even the most simplest of skills become difficult.

The reality is that we need to work on all aspects of strength and conditioning and that we have to be consistent in building it up throughout the season. In moments when we aren’t building it up, we need to do our best to maintain our strength and fitness. Too often a player will work on strength or their aerobic capacity during the preseason but will neglect it throughout the season. This is a case of lost hard work. Need to work on strength and conditioning? Book a session with us today.

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