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20 Oct, 2020 | Skill ideas

Training must reflect games

When we are playing matches, the intensity is always high. When we are directly involved in the match, it’s always in a short burst of high intensity. We quickly have to intercept a pass, dribble an opponent, take a shot and so on. Our body is using a different energy system when we are doing high intensity activities compared to low intensity exercises. We are using our muscles differently as well with short bursts compared to longer and more drawn out exercises. Because of this the majority of our training sessions should be made up of us training at a level that will be required in matches.

Training ideas

Most of the time in the game when we are directly involved in play, we have the ball for 1-3 seconds, often having it less when we are making a first time pass. It could be argued that drills where we dribble around 15 cones before taking a shot have their place in training sessions but they should not be making up the majority of our training. The best form of training is always the one that is more specific to the skills needed in a game. Make a lot of your drills based on trying to recreate the situations you find yourself in a game.

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